• Nordic-Baltic Impact Assessment Conference

    The conference has been held in 13-15 September 2012 in Kuressaare, Estonia. Many thanks to all the participants!

    We are working on getting all the conference materials up and available.

    Update: Angus Morrison-Saunders’ presentation updated – now with notes


Welcome to the website of Nordic-Baltic Environmental Impact Assessment!

In early autumn 2012, the Nordic-Baltic Impact Assessment conference 2012 – Impact assessment in the Nordic-Baltic region: acquiring cross regional experience, linking practice and research – was held in Kuressaare, Estonia.

This slightly redesigned website serves two purposes: a means to distribute the conference materials, and as a future platform for Nordic-Baltic impact assessment cooperation.

Thank you all!

Conference organisers


The conference was supported by:

Bomærket uden afsenderidentitet

The Nordic Council of Ministers