Biodiversity in Impact Assessment

Session leader: Heikki Kalle, Hendrikson & Ko , CEO, leading ekspert in environmental management, SEA and EIA Expert


Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts in the Forest Sector: Case studies. Mariia Kaikkonen, Kaisu Annala and Jussi Viding

The practical application of resilience based criteria in SEA cases in western Estonia. Liisi Liivlaid, Helena Semm, Taits, Kristiina and Heikki Kalle

Session overview:

Approximate number of participants: 30

What were the main topics of the session?

The loss of biodiversity is evident. Is IA capable of (turning) slowing down the process. What are the new methodologies/ techniques that can help in this. The case studies of forestry sector were observed where new techniques can prevent decline in biodiversity. The application of resilience based indicators where discussed here but they need more field tests to be formulated as a new good methodological option.

What were the main conclusions?

Good techniques are around and IA is definitely beneficial to prevent the decline in biodiversity. The main question is more general, as the rate of biodiversity is globally in decline, what measures are to be taken and what is the role of IA in this?

Is follow-up necessary in future conferences?

Yes, definitely we need to keep up discussing it in IA forums to share ideas of policy and best practice.

What could be the form of potential future sessions?

Paper session – it could be paper session, to get analyses of cases with conclusions on policy and methodology level

Discussion panel

Moderated discussion

Presentations to be added