Energy and climate change in IA: Challenges in a time of major changes

Session leaders:

Sanne Vammen Larsen, Assistant Professor, Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University

Ivar Lyhne, Associate Professor, The Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment


Analysis of energy system models for SEA. Xi Pang

Environmental assessment of R&D programmes: The case of the Danish ForskEL programme. Ivar Lyhne

Environmental Impact Assessment of Wind Energy projects in Latvia: From theoretical guidelines to implementation in practice. Julia Dubashinsky

How residential location influences the environmental impact of households. Age Poom

Session overview:

Approximate number of participants: 20

What were the main topics discussed in the session?

Energy and climate change constitute challenges for impact assessment. The session included discussions on to what extend environmental aspects are and can be integrated in energy planning and R&D programmes. Wind power planning was discussed with point of departure in a Lithuanian case. Finally, the influence of residential location on environmental impacts of household was discussed.

What were the main conclusions?

That energy and climate change are interlinked in several ways and complex impacts that require special attention in impact assessment practice. Also this is an emerging field with guidance and legislation on the way.

Is follow-up necessary in future conferences?

Yes, knowledge about and experiences with climate change increases and energy technologies evolve rapidly. Both constitute a need to follow-up on developments. Furthermore, political attention to these topics, both on a national and regional level, urges attention.

What could be the form of potential future sessions?

Depending on the objective of the session, the format could be paper session, workshop, panel discussion, etc.

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