Geographical information systems and accessibility of environmental information for impact assessment

Session leaders:

Sanne Vammen Larsen, Assistant Professor, Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University

Anne Merrild Hansen, Post doc, Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment, Aalborg University


Application of Geographical information systems (GIS) in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): modelling and result presentation. Oskars Beikulis

Mobile positioning data in social impact assessment: Estimating risk exposure rates during holidays in Estonia. Rein Ahas, Anto Aasa and Erki Saluveer

 Session overview:

Approximate number of participants: 15

What were the main topics discussed in the session?

In the session the potential of using GIS in EIA was discussed with a point of departure in an example from Latvia and also the potential of using mobile positioning data in impact assessment was discussed.

What were the main conclusions?

That GIS holds great potential for use in EIA both for visualisation and analysis, but there is a need for development of competences in this area. Also there is a great potential of using mobile positioning data in impact assessment in many areas, both environmental and social. Also there are some challenges in this regard, one is accessing data, and another is handling the large amounts of data that may result.

Is follow-up necessary in future conferences?

Follow-up is relevant in terms of sharing examples and case studies with a focus on discussing solutions to the mentioned barriers.

What could be the form of potential future sessions?

The format could be paper sessions with case studies or workshops focussed on facilitating sharing of experiences.

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