Key-note speakers

At the Nordic-Baltic IA conference 2012 in Kuressaare, Estonia, we had the chance to listen to four excellent key-note speakers. The details of the key-note speeches and speakers are given below, together with their presentations at the conference.

Dr Jenny Pope, Integral Sustainability, Australia. “Sustainability assessment: What does it mean and is it really happening?” PDF

Dr Angus Morrison-Saunders, North West University, South Africa and Murdoch University, Australia. “Effectiveness and Importance of EIA Follow-up” PDF

Dr Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Nordregio, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development. “Impact Assessment as contributor to ensuring Regional Development - Experiences and Perspectives” PDF

Dr Ross Marshall, Head of the National Environmental Assessment Service, Environment Agency of England & Wales, Lincoln, UK. “Impact Assessment – Time for a Health Check” PDF


All the key-notes’ presentations in one container: ZIP